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Wine Tours in Greece

Greece, the renowned birthplace of Dionysos, the god of wine, has the longest wine production and consumption history in the world, as well as the richest heritage. Greek wine has been produced for more than 4,000 years. Wine culture – the consumption of wine as a social event and its sophisticated appreciation was developed for the first time by the Ancient Greeks. There is clear evidence that in Ancient Athens it was known that the shape of the cup affected the taste of wine. Today Greece plays a major role in the international wine culture and industry. Through better understanding of the physiology of the vine, matching site and grape variety and attention to detail, Greek wine producers have realized the potential of further developing and improving local viniculture. Dozens of vineyards and wineries now allow visitors to wander through the magic world of the grapevines and the wine, learn the traditional and modern methods of wine-making and to taste select Greek wines, together with traditional tastes.


Enjoy an onboard tasting of 5 Domaine Porto Carras wines accompanied with a “Wine Basket” full of Greek Delicacies prepared just for you! A wine expert guide will give you a full presentation on how to match food with wine and further expert info!
Domaine Porto Carras created for the wine lovers from all over the world, a unique Wine Tourism Project. BasedinHalkidiki-Greece and in collaboration with Porto Carras Grand Resort, Domaine Porto Carras provides the ultimate and most complete Wine Tourism experience in Greece.

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Our private wine tours in Greece are the definite choice for wine aficionados and all travellers, who wish to explore the culinary marvels of Greece.

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