Prive multi day TOURS minimum 16 pax

Découvrez le charme authentique de la Grèce, ses sites archéologiques, ses monastères, ses chapelles, ses châteaux et ses tours uniques.
Lorsque la culture rencontre la mer émerge la Crète débordante d’histoire, de beauté et de tradition.
Monuments antiques, châteaux médiévaux, villages d’une rare beauté.
Athènes, Epidaure, Argolide, Nauplie, Olympia, Corfou, Ioannina, Metsovo, Météores, Portaria, Galaxidi, Delphes. Toute la beauté de la Grèce tout au long d’une randonnée spéciale.
La Thrace est la destination qui vous réserve de grandes surprises : hospitalité de ses habitants, saveurs intenses, beauté sauvage et des influences de l’Occident et de l’Orient.
Pour connaître l’âme de la Grèce, vous devez certainement faire de la randonnée dans la nature.
Venus n’ a pas choisi au hasard -entre les nombreuses îles de Mesogeios- être placés du mont Olympe à Chypre.
Combine Athens and Kos . You have 5 days to enjoy the delights of Kos. Being so close to the Turkish mainland you will find a very different Greece, one filled with history and charm. Historically, Kos is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The archaeological site of Asclepion behind the town is where his first hospital was situated, and the ruins are well worth a visit. Kos town is a thriving tourist town, sensitively rebuilt after the earthquake of 1933. With its wide streets and greenery the town is a testament to modern town planning. It has a very different feel than most other island towns. With your free day you can choose to find a beach, wanderaround the town or sit by your hotel pool. If you would like to travel further around this island, speak to us about arranging a hire car for your time on this magical island. In the evening you may choose to find dinner at one of the local restaurants or maybe find a taverna and dance the night away with some traditional dancing. It is up to you to do as much or as little as you want
distance by ferry from Turkey and between Lesvos and Ikaria. It is a very attractive island because of its lush vegetation, fine beaches and unique medieval villages which are kept in very good condition. The island offers a lively nightlife, a great natural beauty and numerous sights. The people on Chios live off tourism to a certain extent, but it is not their major source of income. One of the island's most important resources is mastic, and others live off fishing, farming or working on ships. In the island there are many beautiful , clean, sandy and pebbly beaches. Moreover, there are many good places to visit, villages with historic monasteries, castles and, many other opportunities. Those who like sports can go sailing or climbing
From family vacations to the romantic getaways, Corfu is the perfect place to combine history, myths, culture, modern life and the amazing landscape with the Ioanian turquoise waters! Highlights of the “Corfu Magic” Vacation Package 8 day / 7 nights vacation package to Athens and Corfu Explore the wonders of the ancients and classical sites of Greece Visit Athens with its world famous monuments Visit Corfu the beauty of the Ioanian islands
Warm and generous, Thessaloniki is at the same time historic and avant-garde: the second largest city in Greece, ideal for a city break, it is a mosaic of cultures and fascinating holiday moments Chalkidiki is a colorful Mediterranean canvas consisting of golden beaches and turquoise waters; surrounded by lush pine forests and silver green olive groves; joyful, authentic, hospitable people; a rich, world-admired cuisine; charming small mountainside villages with traditional architecture and breathtaking views to the Aegean Sea; great history traced in the ruins of ancient cities that once gave birth to the Philosopher Aristotle. A truly thrilling experience for every visitor!
Dans cette île-continent, la plus grande en Grèce, la civilisation raffinée qui a éclairé la Grèce et ses îles est née et a prospéré, comme en témoigne le site de Cnossos. La Crète offre une grande variété de paysages avec ses montagnes escarpées, des gorges profondes, des baies paisibles et des terres fertiles.