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Voyages scolaires en Grece

School trips to Greece

Our office, with an experience of over 25 years and respect towards our client, we service dozens of school trips to Greece from abroad. Our company specializes in these school trips and every year we successfully execute a large number of groups from France, Germany and Italy.

With our own buses (a fleet of 90 buses), ready and tested itineraries,  very good prices, excellent hotel choices and services we give the most competitive offers

With full knowledge and understanding of your demands for a good and safe school trip, and with the appropriate choice of partners our office’s experience guarantees a successful trip.

Attached you can find our brochure with NET prices for the upcoming period of 2015-2016 and we remain at your disposal for any further assistance.

If you need anything please contact the head of our school department Mr Papadopoulos


School trips to Greece are a fantastic choice for history students as well as leisure and tourism groups. Step back in time and visit the foundation of Europe’s civilization, take in the view from Acropolis and The Temple of Zeus or be inspired in one of the many museums of ancient Athens.

The cradle of democracy, classical Greece was the foundation of our Western civilization. Investigate the monuments of Athens, Delphi and the Peloponnese. Consider how the evolution of Greek architectural style has dominated most inspirational architectural design ever since.

Climb the Acropolis to enjoy views over Athens and witness the scale of public buildings, particularly the Parthenon. Explore the extensive ruins and consider what life was like in the bustling Agora. Visit one of the world’s most important archaeological museums, and assess how the exquisite sculptures were integrated into the ancient urban landscape.

Visit Delphi, site of the Oracle of Apollo, which played a highly significant role in the classical Greek world and was considered centre of the earth and universe. Explore the Peloponnese, a region where myth and legends were made, where olive clad mountains of the peninsula are dotted with palaces, fortresses and temples. 

Explore the Mycenaean civilization where the impressive Lion Gates guard the ruins of the Acropolis. Tour ancient Corinth, once much larger than Athens and witness the extraordinary engineering feat of building the canal . Investigate the sports and pastimes of ancient Greeks at the site of the original games of Olympia. Sit on one of the elegant stone seats at the theatre of Epidaurus and imagine the drama of watching a performance as the sun sets over the Peloponnese Mountains.


Profitez des activites, des specialites locales de la cuisine grecque, shopping et vie nocturne
Profitez des activites, des specialites locales de la cuisine grecque, shopping et vie nocturne
(Thessalonique, Dion, Vergina, Pella, Kavala, Amphipolis, Delphes, Athenes)
Sept diretti au nord. Li, «La sposa du Nord», Salonicco vi da il benvenuto; un citta avec une storia lunga e une vitalita unica. La tour Bianca, Ano Poli, la place Aristotele, shopping dans la via Tsimiski, bar animé à Valaoritou, il Festival Festival international du film musical, musique et musique dal vivo nei ristoranti à Ladadika, passegraise attraverso i soffitti à volta e gli archi dei mercati all'aperto, visitez ai musei e mon monone bizantini.
(Rethymno, Chania/La Canee, Heraklion, Ag. Nikolaos)
(Mycenes, Nauplie, Epidaure, Tolo, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia, Mani, Kalamata, Messenie, Olympia)
Mythes, traditions, plages sans fin aux eaux cristallines, blanches et bleues joyaux de la mer Egee et des iles grecques, pleines de vie, tout reflete l’histoire unique de la Grece.
Votre desir de bien connaitre la culture grecque, antique et moderne sera satisfait. Admirez les sites et les paysages, ressentez la gloire et la sagesse de l’esprit grec ancien.
Lorsque la culture rencontre la mer emerge la Crete debordante d’histoire, de beaute et de tradition.

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