Crete island

Fall for Crete

Visiting Crete in autumn can turn into a special holiday experience! The sea remains the dominant element, yet you will find equally fascinating the mountains and fertile plains on the island. This is the ideal time of year to explore the wonders of Cretan nature, hike on Mt. Psiloreitis, cross breathtaking ravines and visit its caves. Fall invites us to leave the beach and head towards the inland; visit picturesque traditional villages, beautiful vineyards next to olive groves, feel the magic of nature and see its awe-inspiring historical monuments. So, this month:

·         let’s experience autumn in wonderful Crete 

·         let’s explore Rethymno, wear our helmet and go road or mountain biking - just pick any from the list of 22 routes for all levels 

·         let’s visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, a recently renovated museum housing relics from the Minoan Civilisation 

·         let’s take a romantic stroll down the Venetian harbour of Chania and be seduced by its historic and architectural charm 

·         let’s get an idea about Google’s Grow Greek Tourism online project that started in Crete, supported by Visit Greece #fall4crete campaign 

·         let’s watch Visit Greece’s new video titled “Moments in Crete”.

In Crete, autumn is the summer’s worthy rival. Choose this time of year for your holidays on the island and you won’t regret it!

Partez pour un court séjour en Crète et découvrez la plus grande île grecque, située en mer Méditerranée. Lors d’un week-end en Crète, vous bénéficierez de l’hospitalité de ses habitants et vous passerez des journées sous un climat clément durant toute l’année.
Capital de la prefectura más poblada de Creta, Heraclión es la puerta de entrada que recibe la mayoría de los visitantes.
La hermosa capital de la prefectura de La Canea es una ciudad que cautiva a primera vista y que le deja ir sólo con la promesa de que volverá para revelarle otras de sus bellezas ocultas.
Rethymno is the third largest city in Crete, and like Hania, takes its name and ambiance from the Venetians, with its narrow, colourful streets, daring balconies and atmospheric waterfront. It also has a beach in the city, which an added attraction not found in the other major Cretan centres.