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La Grece continentale et le Peloponnese

Une tranche de la Grèce
La côte Olympia serpente à l'ouest de la Grèce continentale. C’est un coin complètement préservé du pays, caractérisé par de profondes vallées, des chaînes de montagnes et des champs de cyprès. Même les plages sont en grande partie peu développées - des hôtels dans les principales stations balnéaires, comme Killini et Lakkopetra, se rangent derrière des croissants croissants de sable qui se fondent dans la mer Ionienne.

L'histoire olympique

On dit souvent que la côte olympique est le cœur mythique de la Grèce. Le paysage est parsemé de châteaux et de temples qui inspirent des histoires animées de nymphes et de jeunes filles. La côte olympique abrite notamment le site antique d’Olympie, où les Mo Farrah de la Grèce antique se sont affrontés pour rendre hommage à Zeus, souverain de tous les dieux.

Plus loin

Il est facile de passer une journée ou deux d’île en île ici. Un trajet en ferry de 3 heures vous mènera à Zante, réputée pour ses tortues caouannes et sa vie nocturne animée. De plus, vous pouvez exclure la capitale de la Grèce de votre liste: à moins de trois heures de route d’Athènes.

In the western Peloponnese, in the "Valley of Gods", lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, and the birthplace of the most important athletic mega-event of all times; the Olympic Games. Olympia is one of the most well known tourist destinations in Greece, and one of the most powerful brand names worldwide.
Epidavros (/??p??d?r?s/; Ancient Greek: ?πίδαυρος, Epidauros) was a small city (polis) in ancient Greece, at the Saronic Gulf. Two modern towns bear the name Epidavros
Monemvassia is the Gibraltar of Greece, the giant rock cliffs rising out of the Aegean greeting visitors with its majesty. The island seems to be docked like a ship, ready to sail for far off lands. The town is a popular holiday destination for the Greeks. A causeway from Gerfyra on the mainland of the Peloponnese gives access to this medieval town. The road doesn’t give up its secrets until the very end of your journey, when from the end of the causeway a curve in the road suddenly turns into this delightful town nestled at the base of the vast cliffs.
Mystras is a Byzantine wonder at the base of Mount Taygetos in the Pelopennese, a town with a long and amazing history, now documented in the ruins of the town. It is now one of Greece’s most important archaeological and historical sites. The town is a site worthy of a day to ponder the ruins and take in the whole site.
Mani is the name given to the middle "finger" or peninsula of the southern Peloponnese, a part of Greece that is rarely visited by tourists. Known as a dry and treeless region, its sparse beauty surprises many when the wildflowers that spring from the rocky terrain in the spring are remarkable.
Nafplio has much to recommend it, being a charming seaside town, near many of the Peloponnese’s major archaeological sites and an important role in Greece’s history. Napflio was the first capital of Greece, its strategic role evident by the three fortresses built around the city. Evidence that city was overtaken by the Venetians is apparent, their occupation obvious by the houses that grace the old city’s meandering streets.
Argolis or the Argolid (Greek: Αργολίδα Argolida, [ar?o?li?a]; ?ργολίς Argolis in ancient Greek and Katharevousa) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of Peloponnese, situated in the eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula and part of the tripoint area of Argolis, Arcadia and Corinthia.
Achaia, the prefecture at the top of the Peloponnese has much to offer the modern tourist. The local population frequent the region as a holiday destination, but it often goes unvisited by foreign tourists. The region offers tourists a different side of Greece. The mountains and countryside of the region is harsh but beautiful. The locals as some of the best in the country know the beaches. As is often the case, these places are found when you are not really looking for them.
The Prefecture of Ilia is mostly flat land and the valley of Ilia is the largest in Peloponnesus. The climate is mild and warm with a relatively high percentage of rain. It is know for its numerous therapeutic springs, beautiful beaches, rich flora and fauna as well as remarkable ecosystems.
Messinia is an area of Greece often missed by tourists. At the South West corner of the Peloponnese, it has the benefit of being away from the normal tourist haunts. It’s a place where you can enjoy the history and culture of the nation without having to share it with the throng. A place to relax, eat and explore the best of what Greece has to offer without the crowds.
Arcadia (Greek: Αρκαδία - Arkadia) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the administrative region ofPeloponnese. It is situated in the central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula.
Laconia (Greek: Λακωνία), also known as Lacedaemonia, is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of theregion of Peloponnese.
Corinth lies at the top of the Peloponnese joining the Peloponnesian peninsula with the Greek mainland. Historically it is one of the most important places in Greece as well as being home to the country’s most important engineering site, the Corinthian Canal. Modern Corinth is the administrative capital of the Corinthian prefecture. As a place to visit, it is often overlooked, as it is a modern city, routinely rebuilt after a number of large earthquakes. Practically destroyed in earthquakes in 1858 and 1928, and again in1981 earthquakes caused more damage. Due to the regular rebuilding, the town lacks the historical elegance of other towns in the region.
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